The Team

Our Team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about working together with horses to develop unique, insightful courses that can have a profound impact on our clients .  These courses aim to deliver remarkable changes in behaviour and perspective for our clients, raising awareness, leading to breakthroughs in personal lives and business.

Our Team

Julia Felton is passionate about helping people transform so that they can be empowered to lead the life they desire.  By unleashing their own powerful potential, individuals and teams can get into flow so that they can make more money and experience success without the stress.  Her innovative coaching and development programmes for individuals, teams and organisations are committed to creating positive transformation and getting outstanding results through creating greater trust and flow

By connecting to and acknowledging their unique natural strengths individuals, teams and organisations are able to become more motivated, productivity increases and organisational results improve. Collaboration reigns and competition is banished as teams work together with a singular purpose.

Julia’s extensive corporate experience includes building businesses and teams from the ground up.  .  During her 12 year career at Andersen and Deloitte she was responsible for developing a business from an idea on a piece of paper to creating and the building a million pound business unit that became firmly established as the global market leader in its niche.   Her unique ability to work at both a strategic and tactical level means that she is sought after as a high performance consultant, mentor and coach.

Julia holds a degree in Hospitality Management and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Fellow of the British Association of Hospitality Accountants.  She is also a qualified NLP practitioner and coach.  She is also a Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant.

Julia’s passion is horses and as a natural horsemanship coach and a Licensed HorseDream Partner she often incorporates sessions working with the horses into her Unbridled Success leadership and team working programmes.

Julia is an accomplished speaker and the author of Unbridled Success – How the Secret Lives of Horses can Improve your Leadership, Teamwork and Communication skills.

Toby is a nineteen year old cross thoroughbred gelding. Originally from Ireland he found his way into Julia’s life at a time when she was going through profound change.  The lesson this horse has taught her are incredible and he is very instrumental in Julia’s decision to establish Unbridled Success. 

Exceptionally friendly, Toby is also very fearful and it takes considerable time to gain his trust.



Charlie (aka Cayman’s Gift) is a twelve year old thoroughbred gelding. Originally a race horse, both on the flat and over jumps, he is a gentle giant with a massive heart, always willing to please.  Now retired Charlie is the most laid back member of the herd.




Bracken is just two years old and is the real joker in the herd.  Left abandoned on the motorway she is curious beyond belief and is always looking to be the star of the show.  Ignore her at your peril.  Bracken is a firm favourite with clients due to her charming looks and the fact that butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Feisty and very independent.




Thistle joined the herd in 2011 along with Bracken having been rescued from abandonment.  Best friends they are inseparable but have very different characters.  Thistle is very measured and opinionated about life.  Ask her in the right way and she’ll respond positively,  fail to pay attention to her needs and she’ll have something to say about it.