AHA! Programmes

Is your leadership working for you or are you running with the herd?

“A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm” –  Charles Schwab

Accelerated Horse Awareness (AHA) Programmes give you immediate insight into what is happening in your life and how you relate to others. Our programmes are tailor made for each client and offer a fast, unique and effective way to achieve sustainable results in – authentic leadership, communication, building relationships, team building, overcoming obstacles and reaching goals, as well as change management, aligning vision and intention.

It’s about developing your leadership consciousness. It’s about true willingness versus complianceLeadership isn’t just about getting people from one place to the other. Leadership is about how we lead, how we are perceived, how we are received – are we aware of our body language, our attitude and our tone of voice. Our approach reflects those qualities, the language a horse understands. A horse shows us what we truly need to do to inspire and lead people.

It’s about understanding how to inspire people: Everything means something, nothing means nothing. Communication is not only about what we say but also about how we say it. A horse cares nothing about your title or position only how much you care. Power is not an option, earn the authority to lead and your effort is rewarded.

It’s about finding comfort in being able to face  each other with trust and respectThe exercise “Face to Face with Horses” has an immediate impact on your awareness. The horse will react to you exactly as you present yourself, reflecting your  leadership style, how it’s perceived and received.

It’s about creating the desire to be partners: Looking at communication from another’s perspective can initiate profound change in one day. Looking at processes and process management from an integral perspective will open horizons.

It’s about focus; acting and reacting with total awarenessThe exercise “Distance and Nearness” is about the importance of integrity and trust through open, honest communication. It’s about team spirit, it’s about collaboration, joy, fun, and self development in your place of business. It’s about experiencing success as well as “success behind success”, as Fred Kofman puts it in  “Conscious Business”.