Team Building

How do you ensure the team building programmes in your organisation get your teams performing at their best?

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” – Michael Jordon AHA


Horses are social animals, living in herds (or bands). They are purposeful, efficient, and highly tuned in to one another–ready to move at a moment’s notice. Knowing that hierarchy and order, harmony and teamwork are key to survival, each horse accepts his/her “standing” within the herd, assumes the appropriate role, and behaves accordingly. When new members join, or as young horses mature into adulthood, or when senior leaders lose their ability to keep the herd safe, a new hierarchy is quickly established, and others align themselves.

Alignment: Horse herds move together in unity, and as a herd, they are more powerful than they are individually. Each is tuned in to the other, confident in their purpose and clear about the direction in which they are moving. As part of our Accelerated Horse Awareness programmes, teams are often requested to engage the horse(s) as a group, and are reminded of the exciting unifying experience that occurs when the same “current of energy” flows through all team members-everyone sensing the same rhythm in a way that enables the team to achieve the unimaginable.

Trust: The herd’s acceptance of hierarchy is based upon “who” can best keep them safe. After all, their survival in the wild depends upon sticking together. Once positions are established, they rarely challenged them, accepting and trusting in the chosen leader and in their unity as a herd. Trust equates to confidence, clarity and communication. In a moment’s notice, a simple flick of an ear or swish of a tail can signal danger, sending the entire herd into a hard run. Our AHA programmes gives teams an opportunity to experience the positive effects of “letting go”, and trusting both the process and one another.

AHA Team Building is a unique and powerful experiential team event working with horses. Individuals first have to learn how to expand their own comfort zones and secondly do the same as a group. Subconsciously we all have limiting beliefs that keep us in our comfort zones. Not knowing where those boundaries are makes it more difficult to go beyond them to achieve outstanding results.

We approach team building with the aim of creating a space where an individual can explore who they are within the team. Discovering and acknowledging each others unique talents and abilities will enhance team performance. On our team events your people will:

  1. understand and appreciate the unique skills of each team member
  2. actually work together in challenging situations, not role play and pretend
  3. know how to engage with the entire tean more effectively
  4. leave with a clear vision on how to work together
  5. feel part of a cohesive effective, high performance team