Horse Assisted Coaching For 21st Century

Tough times call for creative measures in business.  Will you “take the reins” to lead your business/life forward or will you run with the herd?

The current social and economic climate are providing us with some of the most challenging times ever – both on a professional or personal level.  Within business a spate of downsizing and cost cutting measures means that we have team members in roles that some are ill equipped to fulfil.  Team dynamics have changed and yet we expect our people to deliver even more. For individuals this can cause stress and anxiety.

Welcome to the world of Horse Assisted Coaching (HAC) a new field of action based learning in which individuals develop their own style of leadership through a variety of interactive exercises with horses.

TTT Team PhotoEquine Inspired Leadership – Imagine participating in a leadership development session where your facilitator weighs more than 500 kilos and speaks in a foreign tongue! What’s more, unless you can attract and hold his interest, he doesn’t seem very interested in interacting with you. Yet at the end of the day, you feel you’ve never learned so much about yourself as a leader…

Given that on average only 4% of what is learnt in the classroom is retained, Horse Assisted Coaching  provides an exciting new means of experiential learning where the results are well worth the investment.

“I hear, and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” Confucius c 450BC

For many hundreds of years man and horse have worked together, however in recent times many people have come to realise that horses are not just good working partners and pets, but also great TEACHERS. We are learning that horses can teach us about many highly valued core skills that can get lost in today’s hectic lifestyle.

Given the current social and economic climate it is now more important than ever to rediscover these core skills.  Horses are the perfect teachers to help reconnect us to these skills as they provide immediate and honest feedback.  They act as a mirror of our soul revealing insights through AHA moments that hours and hours of classroom theory can simply never achieve.

Connect-2-Success programmes are tailor made for each client and offer a fast, unique and effective way to achieve sustainable results in authentic leadership, communication, building relationships, team building, overcoming obstacles and reaching goals, as well as change management, aligning vision and intention.

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